Something that no parent, or person, ever wants to witness or endure is the event of a child going missing. That happened in Cape May County in 1991 to a little boy named Mark Himebaugh. Local author Richard McHale, who is an ex-detective in the area reveals information in his book “Where Is Mark?” and makes an appeal for public help and public interest in the case to help put it to rest and find closure for Mark and his family.

The book is very shocking and touching when it is realized that something of such magnitude could take place in the backyard of South Jersey residents. Some deem it controversial, which can be found by reading the Amazon reviews the for the book.

Upon speaking with McHale, it becomes very apparent that social media has helped revive a larger interest in the Mark Himebaugh cause. Without social media, this could have been something that more people forgot about over time. Instead, with the help of social media pushing his new book “Where Is Mark?”, McHale has helped bring many new pieces of information into the light to help the family of Mark Himebaugh get closer to the closure that they are seeking.

To read more about the book “Where Is Mark?” you can visit the website or you can purchase it on Amazon.

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